Kagamine Rin: Overflowing Cherry Blossoms
Translated Title: Kagamine Rin: Overflowing Cherry Blossoms(Lit: Profuse Cherry Blossoms)
Original Title:[鏡音リン]桜花繚乱
Original Video: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm6403867

春風薫る錦の袖に 桜吹雪の荒ぶ道
指先触れるは艶やかな 一糸纏わぬその姿

嘘(ひがごと)思ゆ(おぼゆ)桜の蜜に 行方は知らずも荒ぶ道
指先触れるは艶やかな 鬱悒し(いぶせし)現(うつつ)の花の様

匂ふ橙(だいだい)  色付いて


はらり ひらり 桜散る頃
契り傅く(かしずく) 眺む(ながむ)浮世は

はらり ひらり 桜舞う頃
思ひ散りゆく ふわり さよなら

さくら さくら 哀しき宿命
さくら さくら 風に舞う桜よ

壊れし思ひは散華のやうに散りてもなお 咲き誇り続けるのであろう

ららら ららら 哀しき唄よ

さくら さくら 哀しき唄よ



ゆらり ひらり 桜舞い散る

ゆらり ひらり 桜舞い散る
最期に消えた 桜の下で

さくら さくら 散りゆく命
さくら さくら 紅く散る桜よ

Translated Lyrics:
The sweet smell of the spring breeze on my brocade sleeve a path made wild by a storm of cherry blossoms.
My bewitching fingertips feel the string wrapped around your form.
Lies, memories, and cherry blossom nectar whose whereabouts are unnoticed in the wild streets.
My fingertips elegantly caress the melancholic reality of the cherry blossoms*
Where is the empty sound of unripe weeping coming from? The petals change colors once, the odor of bitter oranges change complexion.

“Broken memories are akin to falling flowers**”

The time that cherry blossoms gently, nimbly, scatter
This fleeting life is a vow to serve and oversee.

The time that cherry blossoms gently, nimbly, scatter
Memories proceed to fall softly. Goodbye.

Cherry blossom, cherry blossom, your pitiful fate.
Cherry blossom, Cherry blossom, Dance in the breeze, Cherry blossom.

Broken memories fall as flowers do**, they fall yet they may be still in full bloom.

A grieving song,
Reminisce the light of your past days,

Cherry blossom, Cherry blossom, you are a pitiful poem.
A lantern still shining on in passing.

Your days of happiness vanishing,
An icy snow continues to dissolve your poem.

Sinking down inside your mask
You expect the nightmare to pass however…

Swaying lightly, the dance of the falling cherry blossoms.
You proceed to fall, goodbye to your path.

Swaying lightly, the dance of the falling cherry blossoms.
Your last moments vanish under the cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossom, cherry blossom, continue to fall through life
Cherry blossom, cherry blossom, The red scatter of the cherry blossoms.

TL notes:
*she refers to cherry blossoms as sakura-sama, personifying them.
**a phrase that also means to die a glorious death
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