Kagamine Rin – Sixteen Night Dream
Translated Title: Kagamine Rin – Sixteen Night Dream
Original Title: 【鏡音リン】十六夜夢想
Original Link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm4251883
Mp3(from author’s blog): http://www42.tok2.com/home/koushirou/izayoimusou.mp3


風に波立つ川 銀の月は浮かぶ
星は陰に隠れ 今宵独り光る

幾千の刻は流れども 唯一つ変わらぬまま
「今日はどんな顔だろうか?」 人世を愉しませる

嗚呼 叶わぬ恋の如く 唯見つめては又
「夢なら近づけるでしょうか?」 願うまま夢に堕ちる

幾度見上げれど 言葉は交わせぬまま
廻り逢えた刻は 今は遙か幻

今宵も月は又昇る 返らぬと知りながら
「次は何時逢えるでしょうか?」 宛ても無く空に問う

嗚呼 夢ならば醒めておくれ もう焦がれ果て今
「願うことも罪なのでしょうか?」 想い又夢に堕ちる


Translated Lyrics
What does shining moon feel?

The wind ripples the river, the silver moon rises
The stars are secretly hidden, shining alone tonight.

Thousands of engravings are flow by me, just one is occasionally unchanging.
“I wonder what face to wear today?” I will enjoy the pleasures of life.

Oh! Grant me something like love, I simply stare again.
“If it’s a dream, then shall we come closer?” my desire sometimes falls into dreams.

How many times have I gazed up, Languages have already mingled together.
Engraving the surroundings of our meeting. Now is a distant illusion.

Tonight the moon ascends again, again returning in spite of understanding.
“I wonder when we will meet next?”, I ask the empty sky

Oh! If it’s a dream, then wait to wake me. For my love is ending now.
“Is desire such a crime?” My heart falls into dreams again.

※repeat 2x
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