Miki - Uzume's Dance
Translated Title: Miki - Uzume*'s Dance
Original Title: 【開発コードmiki】ウズメカグラ【twinkle&ウタP】
Original Video: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm9892873

清めましょう 照らしましょう 祈り奉る
此の世に陽の光 戻しましょう

此の国を照らす者 其れは女神サマ
暴れる海神を止められず 岩に篭もる
暗闇に沈んだ世界で 我等に出来ることは何?
お祭り騒ぎをしていたら きっと・・・

タカマガハラへいらっしゃい 今宵踊り明かそう
女神も羨む 我等の歌
ヤマト真秀ろば美し国 集え 闇にまぎれて
此の世に陽の光 戻しましょう

眩しさに堪えられず 闇を求めても
訪れた常夜は我等の命 蝕む
女神サマはまだ岩の奥 顔覗かせようともしない
早く出てきて 此の場所へ 皆・・・

清めましょう 照らしましょう 祈り奉る
飲めや 歌えや 踊れや 騒げ
光を招かん 我等が神
女神サマよ 岩戸開き 此処へ降りたまえ
日ノ本 陽の神のおわす国

愉しや神楽 其方に光あれ

タカマガハラへいらっしゃい 今宵踊り明かそう
世の果てまで 光満たしましょう
女神を讃える 我等の歌
清めましょう 祓いましょう 祈り奉る
八百万の神よ 御覧あれ 岩戸開けし神楽
ヤマト真秀ろば美し国 此処は日出ずる処
日ノ本 陽の神のおわす国
照らせよ 永久に

Translated Lyrics
Purify yourself, radiate, and offer your prayers.
Let’s restore light of day to this world.
We will illuminate from the heavens.

The light of this country is from goddess
The violent god of the seas entombed her in stone.
Darkness descended upon the world, what ever could we do?
If we hold a festival, surely
The goddess can break free!

Welcome, Heavens, dance until dawn
Forget your troubles,
Even the goddess would envy our song.
The splendid land of Yamato is a beautiful country, slipped into darkness.
Let’s restore light to the days of this world
Heavens, illuminate us.

Enduring the radiance, the darkness went to endless night, trying to devour our lives.
The goddess, still trapped in stone, her face peeked through but brought no light.
Quickly come to this place, everyone…
Your everything depends on it!

Purify yourself, radiate, and offer your prayers.
Eat up, sing, dance, and make some noise,
Call out the light, we will be gods
Before the goddess can descend from her rock
The book of days, the days of god’s country
Amateramasu is you

Pleasurable music, in that way you are the light.

Welcome, Heavens, dance until dawn
Let’s fill until the ends of the earth with light.
Forget your troubles,
The goddess would praise our song.
Purify yourself, radiate, and offer your prayers
8 million gods watch on to the music that broke open stone

The splendid land of Yamato is a beautiful country, where the sun crept through to rise.
The book of days, the days of god’s country,
Shine everlastingly.

TL notes:
*CrossfrownXC pointed out that Uzume is the goddess of joy in the Shinto belief. it feels silly, but i was so caught up in trying to translate the rest of the song, i completely overlooked that. XD Thanks, CrossfrownXC.
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